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Issues and Action

League in Action

As members of LWVUS, we take action on national issues like Clean Air, Protecting Voters, and Money in Elections.

LWVCC takes action on League positions in a variety of ways. Action can range from a letter to the editor, to a speech at Town Meeting, to a campaign in support of proposed legislation or a ballot item.

In accordance with its nonpartisanship policy, however, the League never supports or opposes any political candidate or party.

For more information on LWVCC in Action, please read our:

Press Releases
Letters to the Editor
Public Statements

League Positions

Based on study and member agreement, the League at all levels creates its "program," a set of positions on which it educates the public and seeks to influence public policy. Learn about the positions held by LWVCC, as well as the state and national Leagues.

LWVCC Local Program 2017-2018
LWV of Massachusetts' Where We Stand
LWVUS' Impact on Issues

LWVCC conducts National Program Planning in even-numbered years and State Program Planning in odd-numbered years. LWVCC's Local Program Planning meeting is held annually, usually in March, and changes to our local program are approved at the Annual Meeting in May.

League Studies

The League studies selected governmental and public policy issues at the local, state and national levels. Through a carefully conducted process, members explore all aspects and sides of an issue, and through discussion and consensus, seek to establish member agreement on issue positions. Participating in League studies is a great way to become knowledgeable on some of the most important issues of the day.

Recent completed studies include state League studies on Charter Schools, Affordable Housing and Fiscal Policy and a national League study on Immigration.

Life in the Balance: What You Can Do

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Take action on moving towards a sustainable food system! Read our Food for Thought action guide for websites to visit, issues to explore, and personal steps you can take. Thank you to our November 20 presenters for assisting us in compiling this information.

LET'S TALK TRASH: Take action on reducing waste, reusing goods and recycling! Read our Let's Talk Trash action guide for websites to visit, legislation to support, and personal steps you can take. Thank you to our October 14 presenters for assisting us in compiling this information.

Click here to visit our Life in the Balance page.

Casino Gambling

LWV of Massachusetts opposes the establishment of legalized casino gambling in Massachusetts, and LWVCC member Louise Haldeman is the state League's Casino Gambling Specialist. For more information on the League's position and how you can take action, click here or contact